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Mohyin Costalas, ‘Mo’ worked and trained as an interior architect. Has worked in Singapore, Hong Kong, Ireland, Spain and London, UK. 

After semi-retirement, Mo, decided to re-train to focus on “glass” and “ceramics” and was instantly fascinated by “glass” as a material and its endless possibilities of shape, texture and light.

She says “glass is such a paradox of a material, it is hard yet has a water like quality, it can be opaque or transparent, absorb light or reflect it, is cold to the touch but properly lit can appear to be on fire” Her inspiration and strength comes primarily from her background in architecture, nature, the sea, and the forest. ‘If I can bring out and highlight the natural beauty of these elements and transform, connect and touch the souls of the viewer to what I saw and felt then I am on my way to fulfilling my ambition of bringing this wonderful material into the lives of others’.

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